• How does 3DGX work?

    3DGX is a cloud based software that runs all code and provides the needed computing power and storage from our servers. You only need an Internet and a HTML5 browser to connect to our service and start modeling. In addition we support Leap Motion for dual hand interaction

  • What do I need to use 3DGX?

    You only need a computer which supports HTML5 and a broadband Internet Connection. Additional HW could be Leap Motion Controller, for the hand gestures integration, and Oculus Rift Glasses, for the 3D Virtual Worlds immersion.

  • Where I can find a 3DGX manual? Are they free?

    You can find several video-tutorials related to how to use 3DGX in the below section

  • How much space do I have for my models?

    Right now, we are providing 10Gb per user. With then you should be able to store from 15.000-20.000 models... in practice unlimited storage.

  • Can I download my models?

    Yes of course, they are yours. You can download them in any of the supported formats (.obj, .stl, etc).

  • Can I use several computers?

    Yes, you can use any device you want, with the only limitation of that using only once at a time.

  • My Leap Motion is not working, what can I do?

    1. Verify that you have correctly installed Leap Motion ( see

    2. If it is correctly installed, but you still cannot see your hands on the screen, type this address in the browser bar,, accept the permissions, and enter once more in the room to model the object.

  • How can I create an account? Is it shareable?

    You only have to register using an Email address for start using the Free Trial. No credit cards required. All 3DGX accounts are personal and non-transferable

  • Can I share my account with a friend to show him 3DGX?

    3DGX accounts are personal and non-transferable. However we will be very happy to create a new account for your friend.

  • Can I cancel my subscription to 3DGX?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

  • Do I need a credit card for registering?

    No. It is not needed.

3DGX Tutorials

How to use 3DGX

Find out how to use 3DGX and start enjoying
the world of 3D designing

How to save a model

Learn how to save your designs and models in the
cloud in order to load them from anywhere

How to export a model

Learn how to export your models to a printable format
and start printing your own designs

Streaming and co-creation

Streaming and co-creation features are our unfair advantages.
Learn how to use them

3DGX Basics

Using Traditional Mouse


Using Leap Motion Controller


How to paint our model


How to use the brush tool