A service customized for the educational sector. Teachers and students will benefit from the introduction of 3DGxPaint in the classrooms.

Whether you are in the arts world, in the dental sector or in any other industry, we can suit your interests. Check what 3DGxPaint can offer you!

  • 3DGxPaint is an innovative way for developing the creativity and creative thinking.

  • 3DGxPaint prepares children for the near future, bringing technology to them in a natural and intuitive way.

  • 3DGxPaint integrates technology use, creativity and arts education, engaging students in a multi-and interdisciplinary learning context.

  • Government initiatives all around the world aim to bring the 3D printing technology into every school. Give your pupils valuable skills!


“If you put the right equipment in students’ hands at the right time, you can give them a glimpse of where the future is going”,

Richard Osman , teacher at the Campbell-Tintah Public School in Campbell, Minnesota.

Hands-on learning has become an integral part of the curriculum . Several schools are starting to include 3D print and 3D design technologies as part of their educational plans:

“It’s almost like magic”
“I feel so lucky learning how to 3D print at school”

3D print and design grade students
Toronto Waldorf School

“3D printing is a promising new way for artistic expression and scientific concepts to come together to encourage STEAM learning.”

The NMC Horizon Report 2015 K-12 Education Edition3



3DGxPaint is a collaborative system. Teachers and pupils can work together on the same model. 3DGxPaint fosters the team spirit!

Unlimited possibilities

3DGxPaint supports real-time streaming. You can watch live-streaming creative sessions and even participate in these sessions if you are Premium. Share your knowledge and learn from others!

Cloud Power in your hands

Power, 3DGX Library, high availability. Store and access your own created, shared or bought models. No more need to clutter the art classroom!


    Whatever your business is, 3DGxPaint comes in handy! Design and print everything you imagine, from your latest prototypes to spare parts or just pen holders.
    3D printing will encourage production closer to the point of consumption. Take advantage of the local production and customize your products!
    3DGxPaint is also an excellent tool for team-building sessions. Enjoy it!!
  • ART

    As an artist you can use the potential of 3D printing to perform the personal vision of your work. Reach greater complexity with digitally designed objects.
    In addition you can sale your creations through our marketplace.
    There are no bounds to creativity, specially when you are using 3DGxPaint ‘s technology!

    Join the benefits of digital orthodontics: 3D handling and printing dental pieces increases the quality and speeds up production.
    No more need for large storage space! Save all your models in the Cloud and access them whenever you need it.
    Upload your scanned files, retouch them or show them to your patients. Improve the patient experience! .


Bussines and Art
Collaborative system

3DGX includes a collaborative system. Design your creation with the help of other artists or friends

Real-time streaming

Real-time streaming is supported by 3DGX. The perfect tool for a personal and original presentation or conference

Cloud capabilities

Cloud capabilities. Save and load your dental designs from the cloud, from everywhere, anytime

Large storage capacity

Large storage capacity. Thousands of designs can be stored with no physical space at your office